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Design Requirements

Like any other product or service development, we need a good set of requirements to help us shape and guide the development. So, for NMP, we want a sauce which can be use to:
  1. Add to our prepared/cooked foods, for additional flavors. For example, burger, steak, hot dog, fried chicken. Use it like seasoning sauce.
  2. Baste or add into un-cooked food. For example add into steak prior grilling, or put on chicken while roasting.
  3. Add into salad or fresh vegetable, use as salad dressing
  4. Marinate meat.
In each of the above applications, we do not want the result of
  1. Too salty
  2. Too sour
  3. Too sweet
  4. Too stinky
But by using this sauce it should:
  1. Enhance the original flavor
  2. Add another dimension or flavor
Also, for packaging, we should make it:
  1. Convenient to use in the kitchen or at table
  2. Easy to pour, at the correct flow rate
  3. Safe & easy to pack for travel, or send