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Sauce Bottles

For selling sauce bottles. These are for low viscosity (free running) sauce or oil, able to dispense into the cooking vessel quickly & conveniently. Using the twist-cap, it allows precise delivery of sauce on the cooking objects, as well as correct & consistent amount.

  • Easy to identify
  • Precise delivery
  • Dispensing correct amount
  • Organize
  • Clean
  • Wash-able/re-usable
  • Silkscreen printed label
  • Custom label (turn the rubber bracelet over & write on)


SKS Bottle & Packaging
Profit is very small, around $2/bottle, selling between $3 - $4 each ($3.99/each or $15 for 5).
So, we have to think of selling in large quantity.

Sauce Color Code
We want to establish a standard set of color, to identify the sauce, let's choose 5 out of available colors.
  • Red - Spicy sauce
  • Yellow - Cooking oil
  • Royal Blue - Vinegar
  • Green - Olive Oil
  • Pink - Fish sauce / Soy Sauce / Brown sauce

Selling & Distribution Plan

We have all the materials made & ship directly to the distribution centers. We have at least two main distribution centers: East Coast & West Coast to ship out the merchandise. We have software programs to print out packaging manifest & shipping label. Distribution center can follow the packaging manifest to put the items into the box, tape & put the shipping label on top. Then bring the box to the post office to send them out; or we can have them picked up. I think Đẻ or anyone of us can do these.