Outer Banks, NC

  • Sand Dunes
  • Bodie Island Lighhouse
  • Cape Hatteras
  • Wright Brother's airfield 
  • Sanctuaries: birds, wild horses
  • Beaches ... more than 25 miles of connected beaches.
Local fares
  • Soft shell crabs. Local blue crabs.
  • Oysters, shrimps, clams. All local & fresh.
  • Rock fish, Blues, Sea Trouts, Flounders ... these are just few of native fish. We can also drop by the ocean museum to see the vast number of species of native fish.
  • Sweet wines. North Carolina, and specially in this region, they can grow Scuppernong grapes, producing sweet, desert wines. 
  • Salt water taffy. This is very similar or same as VNese candy, called Kẹo Kéo!
  • Kite flying.
    Constant ocean wind make it perfect to fly kite, either at the beach or sand dunes
  • Early morning & late evening beach walks.
    Actually, any time is just as perfect for a walk along the beach. But if you want to experience ghost crabs, a white long leg crabs dashing in & out playing with the waves, then you have to wait for moon lit beach.

  • Surf fishing
    Early in the morning & late in the evening is perfect for surf fishing.
  • Bridge fishing
    Serious fishermen/women as well as locals are catching fish at the Oregon Inlet Bridge. Come out either early or late in the day, and you can stay well into the evening to catch some serious fish.
  • Hot tub
    Step into the hot tub, tilt your head back, close your eyes and listen to the sound of the waves. Does not take much, but how often can you experience this simple activity?
  • Shopping
    At mile post 16, there is one of largest outlets in OBX. You can find up to 70% off of brand named clothing & accessories.
  • Mini-golf
    It seems like there is one at every mile-post in OBX that you can find a mini-golf course.

Links & Facts

  • Outer Banks, North Carolina is the most extended land part into the Atlantic ocean on the East Coast; thus it lends itself to be the most unique beautiful landscape as well as fresh sea foods. Here take a look for yourself of the satelite pictures of the area. Here is an interactive map.
  • It takes about 5hrs drive from Washington DC to OBX
  • We will drive down to the beach house on Wednesday morning, two vehicles: my van + another vehicle. In my van there will be: Ông, Bà, my family (Hương, Ly, Bảo, Thuỵ & Huân), bác Linh. In the other car will be: Bác Trung & Bác Lan
  • Nearest airport is Norfolk International Airport (ORF)
  • Takes around 2hrs from ORF to OBX
  • Since chị Lệ & Monique is going to arrive on Thursday, into DCA (Reagan International Airport). Chị Lệ is going to check out a car from DCA and drive to ORF, about 3hrs. I'll bring the van out to pick up chị Lệ and Monique at ORF. Chị Lệ is going to return the car there at ORF. So here is the driving route from DCA to ORF.
  • Chị Lý and anh Khánh will fly directly from LAX into ORF on Thursday, around 4:45pm. I'll pick them at ORF & take them to the beach house.
  • Here is the house which we select to rent. As soon as we have the final count, of everyone having airline tickets, we will reserve (no refund) this one. So, please let me know as soon as you have secured your flight tickets, so that we can finalize this deal.
  • If you want to fish, since 2007 it's required to have fishing license. So, go get a short-term 10-day fishing license for $10. Purchase it online, print it out & put in your wallet.