Wednesday (11/25)

posted Aug 7, 2009, 3:06 PM by Quoc-Anh Vuong   [ updated Aug 8, 2009, 4:34 AM ]
We will head off to OBX early in the morning, around 8AM after having a good healthy breakfast at home? The drive is going to pass through several well known places, like Williamsburg, Jamestown, Richmond. Then when we get closer to OBX, we will start to see the Chesapeak harbor near Newport News, with huge battle ships at Norfolk Naval yard. We will also go through the underwater Hampton Roads Bridge tunnel, no GPS signal here. Coming out of the tunnel we will pass by the ORF, let's mark the distance at this point so that we know exactly how long will it take to come back the next day picking up the rest of the gang.

Continue on, not that far, we will cross into North Carolina state. No longer than 15min, here we may stop to fill up gasoline or take a break at the South of the Border station. Driving for another 30 minutes, there are farm lands coming up on both sides of the roads. Fresh fruits and local produces are available, we may want to stop by & get the strawberry juice or ciders. They are fairly cheap & quality. Driving for another half hour or so, we should be crossing the 158 bridge, over the Currituck Sound. BTW, the "sound" is a body of water, closer to land. If the traveling is smooth and not many stops, we should get to the beach house around 2pm.

That means we need to take care of lunch on the road

After unloading stuffs, let's take a trip to town, to get neccessary stuffs at the market as well as checking out the tide condition, so that we can plan for our fishing sessions. We may drive to the Billy's (the local fish market) to see what they have, call first (252-441-5978) to make sure. If they have soft shells or fresh oysters/clams we may want to pick them up at the same time. Get back home, kick back for couple hours in the hot tub, watching the sun set; while anh Linh in the kitchen wrestling with the oysters & clams. I'll rig up the fishing poles, ready for action.

After dinner, we should check out the water temperature at the beach, and determine if we should go fishing that night.