The border crossing was very pleasant, the border guard was friendly and she smiled when we answered that we are on our way to Niagara Falls. The weather was a bit disappointing, drizzle off & on, but that did not put a damp on our enthusiastic. As soon as we got into the room, we just leave our luggage there and head out to see the town.

It was around 10pm, a little drizzle, and not that crowded in the street. Our hotel is only one block away from Clifton Hill street, which leads to the Rainbow Bridge. We walked to the giant Ferris Wheel at Clifton Hill, and checked the price. We decided that it would worth more if we take the ride during day time to be able to see the Falls. Continued on toward the Falls, then suddenly we heard the sound of the fireworks! Looks like they are coming from the US side, but still visible on Canadian side. We walked toward the falls and stopped to watch the firework finale.

We can see the falls in the distance, but still amaze at the sight. There are two massive waterfalls appears right in front of us. They are both lighted by colored lights, and the mist rises way above our head, must be hundreds feet from the surface.

We were a bit hungry so we started to walk back up the hill, toward our hotel. On the way down, we noticed Kelsey's restaurant right at the corner, so we headed in for a quick bite. The quality is not bad at all, and the service is friendly. Come to think of it, we haven't see any unfriendly Canadian, so ... right off the bat: good impression so far. :)

Traveler's Notes

  • Kelsey's Restaurant. The food is OK, nothing fancy, better quality than fast food; cost is reasonable. It's just very convenient for us, right off the corner of where we stay. It has a section to look out on the street and stays open pretty late.
  • The fireworks, apparently this firework is coming from the US side, and I heard that fireworks on the Canadian side is more elaborate, only on Friday & Saturday.
  • Niagara Falls at night is a must see! The powerful Xeon gas lights paint beautiful colors on the falls and the colors change every 5 minutes or so. The falls at night are just as attractive as day time, so make sure don't miss this opportunity
  • The Sky Wheel at Clifton Hill: Perhaps it's the location of this Ferris wheel, right inside the tourist trap of Clifton Hills making it a bit cheesy and un-appealing. Even though it's lit up nicely, but not that many people riding.
  • Clifton Hill: this is a biggest tourist trap! I hate it, making the whole area become unattractive.