Niagara Falls & Toronto

posted Jun 17, 2009, 9:23 AM by Quoc-Anh Vuong   [ updated Aug 17, 2009, 1:17 PM ]

Write-ups & Pictures

Direct Links


Places to see

St. Lawrence Market

BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir & Canadian Museum of Cultural Heritage of Indo-Canadians

Toronto Islands Park


Niagara Falls

  • New York State Power Authority
  • Fort Niagara
  • Floral clock
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Niagara-on-the Lake
  • Brocks Monument
  • Welland Canal

CN Tower

             Guinness World of Records Museum

Places to eat

Niagara Falls


Places to stay

Imperial Hotel and Suites
5851 Victoria Ave
Niagara Falls, ON L2G3L6 Canada

Ramada Plaza Toronto Downtown
300 Jarvis Street
Toronto, ON M5B2C5 Canada

How to get there

  • Driving direction to Imperial Hotel in Niagara Falls. Here
  • Places in Niagara Falls. Here
  • Driving direction to Ramada Hotel in Toronto. Here
  • Places in Toronto. Here
  • Driving direction home, from Toronto. Here

Maps & Links

Things to pack

  • Camera (done, at staging area)
  • Camcorder (done, at staging area)
  • Wireless router + 2 ethernet cables (done, at staging area)
  • Make music CDs (done, at staging area)
  • Print out maps: (done, in the laptop bag)
    • Driving direction to Imperial Hotel in Niagara Falls. Here
    • Places in Niagara Falls. Here
    • Driving direction to Ramada Hotel in Toronto. Here
    • Places in Toronto. Here
    • Driving direction home, from Toronto. Here
  • Laptop
  • Each person
    • 3 shorts
    • 3 tshirts
    • 3 pairs of socks, underwear
    • 1 light jacket or sweater
    • 1 polo shirt
    • hat
    • poncho
    • sandals
    • personal toiletry: tooth brush, comb, tooth paste ....etc.
    • money for buying gifts
  • Drinks, ice & snacks in the Blue Igloo
  • Passports

Thursday (July 2nd, 2009)

  • Around 10AM order bánh mì
  • 11AM Ly leaves work, & pick up bánh mì
  • Around noon, bring all the luggage out to van
  • Start driving, put on Ly's Music CD
    Here is the Google direction. Probably take the I79N up. This route is mostly highways and tolls, but I think faster than winding through the I70N.
  • Stop at for snacks or late lunch. Let's not take too many stops. Let's try to get there for dinner.

  • Get to Imperial Hotel & Suites around 9pm
  • If we can get in early, try to have dinner at Betty's Restaurant. I want to try the Meat Loaf there, and Thursday they have Meat Loaf special! :)
  • Walk to Clifton Hill to check out the Ferris Wheel, find something to snack
  • Walk back to the hotel & sleep

Friday (July 3rd, 2009)

  • Here is the map of all the interest places in Niagara Falls
  • Take the Peoplemover Bus to one of these places for breakfast 7AM:
    • Have breakfast at the hotel, or
    • At Kelsey's
  • Take the Peoplemover Bus to Table Rock
    • Journey Behind The Falls, try to get there around 9AM.
    • Maid of the Mist Boat ride, 10:30AM
    • Niagara's Fury, Noon
  • Right outside of the Table Rock is the incline rail, we should try this once, if it's not busy
  • Hop on the bus & go to late lunch at one of these place:
    • Simon's ((4116 Bridge Street, Niagara Falls, Ontario))
  • Hop on the Peoplemover & get off at White Water Walk, around 2PM.
  • Hop on the bus again, get off at the Niagara Parks Botanical Garden, check out
    • Floral Clock
    • Butterfly Conservatory. The pass will get 1/2 price
    • English Herb Garden
    • Patterre Garden
    • Victorian Rose Garden
  • Hop on the bus to check out the Sir Adam Beck, the hydro-power plant. The pass will get us 1/2 price.
  • Hop on the bus, get back to Clifton Hill, perhaps check out:
    • Oakes Garden Theatre
    • Floral Showhouse
  • Walk across the Rainbow Bridge to the US side, perhaps check out
    • Goat island
    • American Falls
    • Horseshoe Falls
    • Robinson island
    • Bird island
    • Three Sisters island
  • Walk back to the Canadian side, and have dinner at one of these places, 8PM:
    We need to pick one:
  • Walk to the Clifton or Rainbow Bridge to watch the fireworks & illuminations
  • Walk back to the hotel, pack & sleep.

Saturday (July 4th, 2009)

  • Wake up & put the luggage into the van. Check out the hotel.
  • Drive to Falls Manor Motel & Dining for breakfast. 8AM
    It's at 7104 Lundy's Lane.
    Supposed to be a cheap country breakfast fare.
  • Head to Toronto. Here is the map
  • Check in at Ramada Hotel, Toronto around 11AM.
  • Here is the map of places in Toronto
  • Go to Lawrence Market, have lunch there
  • Check out CN Tower
  • Goto BAPS (?). This one perhaps too far off. Would take about 30min to drive up there.
  • Goto Toronto Island Park. The map is here. Additional information here.
  • Dinner at, 586 college street
  • Back to hotel & pack & sleep.

Sunday (July 5th, 2009)

  • Wake up early, check out
  • Have Phở at Phở Hưng or Phở Xe Lửa
  • Buy Bánh Mì at Nguyên Hương
  • Take pictures at Henry Moor's Large Two Forms
  • Take off & head home.
  • Stop & have late lunch at
    • Tessaro's 4601 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA, best burgers  Note: This is 5 miles away from our route.
    • Zaw's, 2110 Murray Ave, Pittsburgh, PA,  Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese. Note: This is 10 miles away from our route.
  • Get home, clean up.
  • Vacation is over.