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SAT Sentences

Created by Bao and Thuy:

  1. Endorse – Between the two nations, both have endorsed the peace treaty, agreeing to cease fire.

  2. Discrimination – The white jury declared the black man guilty due to discrimination.

  3. Furtive – Knowing the facility was filled with many guards, Charlie's friends nagged to be furtive. “Gotta be sneaky Charlie!” they exclaimed.

  4. Constituent – As the election draws to a close, the final constituent will determine the winner.

  5. Conformity – Friends would usually have conformity in terms of interests.

  6. Gnarl – With the rope being all gnarled up, the boy scouts had a hard time pitching the tent.

  7. Cower – Otacon cowered in fear before Solid Snake and Gray Fox went into their brawl.

  8. Gourmet – Anton Ego, a true gourmet, has a fine taste in food.

  9. Credence – You have my credence for keeping my secret.

  10. Connotation – Most people think the true value of happiness is money, but that assumption is just a connotation.

  11. Callous – Manly sailors are usually very callous with their rugged personality.

  12. Garble – Due to the fact that a bee stung his tongue, Skeeter garbled his whole speech, leaving the audience baffled (and possibly scared).

  13. Autoimmune – Dr. Naomi implanted nano-machines in Snake's body to monitor his health, leaving him autoimmune.

  14. Homely – The homely man with his dirty clothes tripped into the pool at the cocktail party.

  15. Celerity – With such celerity, Sonic was able to run at the speed of sound.

  16. Harmonic – With the right instruments and synchronization, the orchestra performed a very harmonic piece.

  17. Devout – The devout monks in church prayed everyday, hoping to receive a miracle.

  18. Didactic – During the inauguration, Obama's didactic words had the people of the United States cheer and feel hope again.

  19. Consolidation – Among the club members, they formed a consolidation of different, individual ideas to solve their financial problems.

  20. Expurgate – After seeing much violence and vulgar terms, 4Kids expurgate such content from the younger viewers.

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SAT Sentences