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Youth Summit

posted Jul 24, 2014, 2:21 PM by Quoc-Anh Vuong

Huan, let's talk about the youth summit
What was the best thing about the youth summit?
- The freedom and getting to hang out with Ben.
What do you mean by freedom?
- Being able to enjoy independence for the first time.
Independent from parents?
- from parents and being able to make choices
At the film camp, when the word 'dependence' came up, you said 'dog on
a leash'.  Is that what you meant?
- Yes. I am always attached to someone.
How can we replicate that feeling of independence at home?
- I would enjoy more freedom and choices at home, like time by myself 
and going out by myself.
Where would you like to go by yourself?
- To the movie
Maybe your parents can drop you off to TJ, or you can go with a friend,
what do you think?
- I think that would be great
What do you think about the safety issue?
- I won't cause problems.
Huan, maybe Mom can come up places where you can go with friends.  Would
you like that?
- Yes, so much.
Mom is to come up with a list of places that Huan can go with friends.
We can find a male companion who can hang out with you, what do you think?
- That sounds great!
You need to work hard on getting on the letter board with Mom, or other
- I am trying to spell more with Mom and others.
What was your long-term goal?
- I want to go to college as a resident student.
What was your immediate goal?
- To get out of special education now.
How do you propose that we do that, what do want to have happen this 
school year?  What should we do?
- Let me talk to my IEP team and show them I am smart.
What do you want to ask for?
- Sit in regular ed classes this year.