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What career would you like to choose for yourself?

posted Sep 30, 2014, 1:27 PM by Quoc-Anh Vuong

What career would you like to choose for yourself?

I would like to study a full range of subjects. I want to find out what truly interests
me.  Standing here right now, I think I would like to be a writer and
mentor to autistics.  However, that might change with time.  How did you 
decide what to study?
(Elizabeth told him her story)
So interesting, you ended up exactly where you were meant to be.
I think you are right. There is a plan for all of us.  
(Yes, I think we are meant to do things we are doing now...)
Yes I agree.

(ASNV would like us to provide a screening of our film.  What do you think?)
We should show our film everywhere.

(Michelle from NY thinks that we should have a screening at the Trump plaza. 
What do you think?)
I love it so much.

(Michelle has a boy who's fifteen and he's going through a lot of things)
Lots of anger inside

(How do you know?)
He's fifteen.  I went through it too.

(What message can I give Danson?)
Tell him it gets better. We are educating to be a lighter space for all people.

(What's lighter?)
Filled with love