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RPM Session - Immigration

posted Oct 29, 2014, 9:35 AM by Quoc-Anh Vuong
black  ** my daughter showed me that you can change the background on notes from white with black letters to black with white letters by touching the hokey three times rapidly. I showed one both backgrounds and he said that he prefers the black background. I think for as many this cuts down the glare. You may want to try this at home.  EV

Alexander Hamilton
hostility and hospitality
meaness and friendlinss
when considered a threat
jobs will be taken
gain economic freedom
gold rush
anger toward the chinese
Chinese Exclusion Act
Ellis Island
Statue of Liberty
foreign born
for better economic conditions
labor like mining
built chinatowns
President Kennedy was a descndant of an Irish immigrant
the ability to earn a living
these countries have more freedom

*What are your thoughts on the message of this political cartoon?

This cartoon shows the ships of Columbus approaching America. The Native Americans are watching the ships land. This shows that everyone approaching America is an immigrant. The only true Americans are the Indians living here first.  So really almost everyone is an immigrant. Therefore, consider being more tolerant of immigrants.

I think this country is great because of it's immigrants. Immigrants have added to this country's culture, language, growth, and economy. I am proud to have a Vietnamese American family!

How's school going?

Not so good. Teachers are not supporting my inclusion in regular classes. It is frustrating.

UGG. That stinks. I'm so sorry. I haven't given up on this fight.

Thanks Elizabeth. I know you have tried hard to make a change.