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RPM Session - Francis Bacon

posted Oct 29, 2014, 9:36 AM by Quoc-Anh Vuong
* Huan and I did a quick review of his biology homework that he did with Meghann. It looks like there may be additional work to complete. Today  Huan I talked about Sir Francis Bacon and the birth of the scientific method. This seem to be appropriate following his work in biology.

Francis Bacon
Father of scientific method
observation, deduction, experiment
logic based on observations
arguments do not prove anything science does
New Atlantis
ideal society
scientific inquiry

*Creative writing: think about a phenomenon that you have observed. From your observation use your powers of deduction to come up with a hypothesis. From your hypothesis design an experiment to test your hypothesis.

I have observed that people tend to talk more around speaking people and less around nonspeaking people. mY Hypothesis is that nonspeaking people make speaking people uncomfortable. I would test this by interviewing people to determine their thoughts on nonspeaking autistics.  end

E:  How is school going this week?

H:  Much better now that i am out of Ms Hart's class more. Thanks to Ms Budway for helping make this happen.

E:  Do you have anything else to say?
H: no noting else to add.