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RPM Session 10/23/2014

posted Oct 23, 2014, 4:06 PM by Quoc-Anh Vuong
What do you think about a book club?

Emma: I like this idea.

Huan: The idea sounds great to me too.

Should we include normal kids too, or just RPM kids?

Huan: Regular kids too. No one should be left out.

Emma: I think it should be open to anyone to have a book club.

William would like Huan to be his mentor. 

William: How have you learned to deal with autism?

Huan: I have tried to find a place of acceptance where I feel good about myself and my autism. I know 

that I am not defined by my autism but it is a big part of me. Soon you will see that your autism is not a 

hardship but most days a gift.

Emma: Just have to choose the path of happiness and not self-pity. You get to decide how to play it.

What questions do you have for each other?

Emma: How much do you like Ms. Hart?

Huan: I do not like her at all.

Emma: Me either. I miss Ms. Linda.

Huan: Ms. Hart does not like me. I miss Ms. Linda too.

Emma: Going to school is not fun.

Huan: This year has been hard.

Emma: They need to hire Ms. Spencer again.

Huan: That would be amazing.

Emma: The end

Huan: Emma, what is your favorite thing to do to relax?

Emma: I love to listen to music and go on the computer. How about you?

Huan: Me too. Music is so soothing to me. I love to go on the computer to look at videos.

Do you want me to ask a question, or do want to ask questions? Or do you want to write a story?

Huan: question

Emma: question

Elizabeth: let’s write a story together.

Huan: Once there was girl named Emma. 

Emma: She had a friend named Huan. 

Huan: They were best friends.

Emma: They were happy.

Huan: They got to talk to each other on the letter board today. So much fun to talk to Emma.

Emma: The end.

Elizabeth: Huan, how do you like William?

Huan: He is so sweet. I like him.