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Audio VBN

Same concept as VBN, but for Audio.
User creates an audio station, which is composed of Program Guides. The Guide is content type sequence, similar to a play list. For example, following depicts a guide for a station:

Morning (8am - noon)
  1. News
  2. Classical music
  3. Commentary
  4. News
  5. Contemporary music
  6. News
As you can see, the Program Guide contains following pieces of information:
  • Duration: start & stop time
  • List of Content Types, in sequence. Each row is constitute a slot, I call it: a Content Time Slot.
For the above example, we have 6 Content Time Slots, 3 Content Type "News", and one of each type: Classical Music, Commentary, and Contemporary Music.

The Program Guide serves as a template, so that actual audio content can dynamically change.

Once a user creates & maintain an audio station, other users can subscribe and listen to that station using an VBN Player.
  • Designer
    To help user creating Station & Program Guide.
  • Manager
    To help user loading & adding contents to the station.
  • Player
    To help user subscribe to stations, navigate between stations, and listen to content of a station. This is similar to a radio.