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Things to do Old

This is the list of things to do, and how to do them, for the next few months.

List of contractors/helpers
  • David Umana 703-919-7543 (Deck, patios, driveways, concrete works, garage doors)
  • Santos F. Quintanilla (Q.B. Construction Inc) (703) 926-2082 (Deck, framing, trim, fence, porch, addition, single family)
    • Finishing basement, including drywall, electrical, plumbing, painting, flooring (but not flooring materials). $24.5K
    • Installing small, 10x 10,  deck; but not deck materials, around $1.5K
Prepare 5501 to sale
  • Call Melvin to have lock knobs in the box, do not install
    • Melvin number (703) 576-4163
    • Take pictures
    • Put on Craig's List & eBay to sell these.
  • Install hardwood planks for the fridge area
  • Fix/re-install microwave
  • Fix/install external blower electrical wiring
    • Trace the wire
    • Snake or run a 14 AWG, 6 conductors from the hood to the blower, ~35'
    • Test & connect electrical wires
  • Install fence panels to cover the A/C heat pumps
    • On Friday, at lunch go to Lowes & pick up 4 fence panels, also stainless steel screws.
    • On Saturday morning, whenever the rain stops, install the fence panels
  • Installing washer & dryer
    • Bring the washer & dryer from the shed
    • Purchase new washer hoses
    • Install in the mud room
  • Installing appliances
    • External blower
      • 4 sleeve anchors, 5/16" and at-least 1-1/2" long
      • Silicon caulk to seal
      • 24' tall ladder
      • Drill
      • Masonry drill bit, 1/4" or 5/16"
    • Microwave & oven
      • 3/4 plywood for shelf, 24"x34"
      • 1x4 for shelf support, 48" long
      • Wood screws
      • Drill
      • Saw
  • Landscaping
    • Order mulch - Order 1 full load of hardwood mulch online here. To be delivered on the street. Delivery date should be 10/1.
      • Tyson contractor will spread the mulch into three areas:
        1. Left of front porch
        2. Right of front porch
        3. Along the right side of house, up to the width of air-evaporator, ~3ft.
    • Plant flowers/trees - Order following trees, and plants

    • Put mulch under the kids swings
    • Clean out over-grown plants in the back of the yard
    • Install timers to water the lawn in the next few weeks.
      • Two battery operated timers
      • Oscillator watering heads
      • Two 25' 1/2" watering hoses
  • Touch up on floors so that gaps are not noticeable ???
    • Call hardwood flooring distributor in Springfield to order T-Moldings. We need four 8' T-Molding sections of Brazilian Cherry. One for living room, one for dining room, one for front of fire place, one for border of marble tiles & wood transition in the foyer.
      Indiana Flooring (Cody)
      8194 Terminal Rd # K
      Lorton, VA 22079-1443
      (703) 550-0020
    • Once we have the T-Moldings, measure & cut them to length, EXACT LENGTH!
    • Tape & cover to protect current planks when prying out the old moldings.
    • Use drill & finish nails to set the new T-Molding in place. Recess the nail heads.
    • Cover the nail heads with matching color wood dough
  • After house is delivered, reduce price to include $100K gain and cost of finishing basement, butler's pantry, cabinets & sink in master bedroom, and deck/fence.
    • Asking someone to do the fence, perhaps Mike?
  • Put lockbox on house
  • Get quotes from contractors regarding finishing basement
    • Call Jeff & ask for Santos (framing), electrician & plumber to finish the basement.
      • Finishing basement, $24.5K
  • Ask Santos quote for the deck
    • Labor only, $1.5K for 10 x 10 deck
  • Buy & install mailbox
  • Clear mulch
    • Bring spade, shovel, and pitch fork to the new house
    • Spread the mulch over the swing-set and other areas
Prepare 3701 to rent
  • Buy & install new mailbox
  • Install bathroom shower curtain curve rod
    • One in Master bathroom
    • One in hallway bathroom
    • Need ceramic drill bit
  • Identify which items to throw/keep and start throwing

  • Get quotes for cleaning up yard & cut trees
    • How & which trees to cut?
  • Get quotes for painting
    • Ask the current painting guy at 5501 house for quote
    • Inside, outside
    • What about the front door?
  • Get quotes for fence
    • Do we need it?
    • How long & where?
  • Start boxing things we don't use but want to keep
  • Fix rotten wood in basement
    • Need to remove everything out of the room to fix woods & drywall
  • Fix walk way
    • Need to remove all weed/grass from walkway cracks; then remove old mortar, and install new paver
  • Install granite for the foyer
    • Measure the foyer size
    • Get granite from Craig's List, and install for foyer to make it brighter.