posted Nov 2, 2009, 8:17 AM by Quoc-Anh Vuong   [ updated Aug 2, 2010, 7:25 AM ]
Estimated $4,000
  1. Design: Huong proposes:
    1. in the front: azaleas ($13.49 each) and pieris ($17.99 each) in the front, every 12 inches on both sides.  On the left side as we face the house, put annuals or tulips in the front before the azaleas & pieris.
      Azaleas, to me is the "medium" height plants, and it needs 2' - 3' space to spread.

    2. on the side: before the fence, Rhododendron every 12 inches $18.39 each.
      Depends on which species, some Rhododendron kind can grow to 15', so we need to know specific kind.

    3. on the side inside the fence: blue spruce globe (high graft) $112.99
      This one will spread too big for inside the fence. It will spread from 3' - 6', and grow from 3' - 5' high. Our strip next to the house is only 3' wide max.

  2. Buy plants and top soil
    We need to figure out how many bag of top soil, and also fertilizer

  3. Put in (us or contract out?)
    More likely just us, because the time we are available Santos may not be there.

  4. Decide to take down playground or not?
    Take it down.

  5. Remove tree stump and put down sod, or mulch in the back?
    Can't remove the stumps/roots; we need to cover them

  6. Get estimate from Santos to put down sod or mulch.
    I thought that's included in the deal

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