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  • Carpet - Berber, 135 lin-ft. Because carpet will come in roll of 12' width, so the calculation is based on linear-ft, basically how long of 12' wide carpet will it take to cover the area. $2500.
    • Material $2,250
    • Labor $250
  • Ceramic/Stone - 110 sq-ft. Estimate around $5/sq-ft (installed, including grout & mortar and shoe-molding). Total: $550.
    • Material $330, at $3/sq-ft
    • Labor $220
  • Laminate - 280 sq-ft. Budget for $4/sq-ft (installed, including pads and shoe-molding). Total: $1,120.
    • Material $700, at $2.50/sq-ft
    • Labor $420
  • Paints. Total $270.
    • 1Gal of semi-gloss for bathroom.
    • 10Gal of flat interior for bedroom, rec room, reading room, exercise room, and stairs.
    • 3Gal of flat interior for media room.

Budget breakdown: estimated $25,000
  • Permit # B1000031,
  • Plumbing, $1400
  • Electrical (???),
  • Egress window, $3500 per window + cost of relaying bricks (budget $1500, total: $5K)
    This is a tricky stuff to do, first is the cutting into the foundation poured concrete wall. Then installation the drain pipe to take the water all the way into the foundation water well, which is "inside" the basement (more digging), or tie the drain pipe at walk-up drain. Basically, more digging & laying pipe. Only then can the contractor pour gravel (12") into the pit, and put the galvanized window well. This well probably take about 2 sections of this. So, make sure we have one contractor to take care of this: dig down to twice the size of the well, cut the wall, tie in the drain pipe, pour the gravel, installing window, install the galvanized wall sections, install well cover, finish grading, put back grass.
    Now, when the contractor dig & lay the drain pipe, might as well lay down more drain pipes at the dip area to drain the water out more quickly.
    • Jorge, City of Concrete, (703) 203-8400
      • Need permit? Yes
      • Can we leave the upper window alone? No
      • Is it going to be below grade? Yes, and City of Concrete will dig down & create a window well. No need for landscaping services afterward.
      • What else do we need to have this complete and move on with the interior framing & partition? Finish the brick work outside, to cover up the top window, and re-tie in the bricks.
      • Who will take care of installing new window? Jorge will put in 3'w x 5'h window. This is big.
      • Who will put in the drain pipe for the window well? Jorge will put in the drain pipe & connect it to the foundation drain. Good.
      • Who will install the window well? Jorge will install a well, 5' w x 4' projection. This is big!
    • Advanced Alternative Technologies
  • Interior (Santos (703) 926-2082 gave us a quote around $25K)
    • Framing
    • Drywall
    • Flooring
    • Finishing
  • Permits & fees,
  • Design & Architecture,
Typical builder cost is around $82 per finished sq-ft, or $51 per average sq-ft. So, if our basement is around 1,500 sq-ft, the cost is around $17 per sq-ft, which is not bad at all!

So, let's start by identify what do we want for the basement:
  1. Additional bedroom
  2. Full bath
  3. Media room
  4. Wet bar
  5. Wine cellar
  6. Exercise/Play room
  7. Lounge area
  8. and of course mechanical/utility room
To start, the additional bedroom requires cutting into the concrete foundation slab, which is a job which did not covered in the 25K quote from Santos. So, this is an extra. Also, we need to calculate the county permit fee; so as you can see, we already exceed the budget.

Arlington County Links

    With wet bar next to bathroom

    With wet bar next to utility room

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