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List of things to do

posted Jul 8, 2009, 1:03 PM by Quoc-Anh Vuong   [ updated Sep 29, 2009, 9:58 AM ]
Here is a list of things to do. Update this list every day/week.


One aspect of doing things ourselves is to save us the labor cost. For flooring, the builder charges around $27K, so if we just do a rough estimate of 60-40, for 60% of that total is the labor cost, then we arrive at the amount of $16.2K saving. That also means we have around $10.8K for the materials to cover the main & 2nd levels. Divide up that amount to the area of both floor (~2500sq-ft), we are talking about average of $4.32 per square-feet.

Flooring contractor, installing hardwood flooring, charges $1.50 - $3.00 per sq-ft.
    • (703) 628-9975, for $3500 just the labor to install hardwood flooring & moldings of roughly 2000sq-ft space.
    • (703) 474-2689, call back for quotes



  • A Manzano Landscaping company (703) 357-6825, from Craig's List, gave the following quote:
    • $2K for rough & final grading
    • $3.5K for sod in front, back & sides
  • Jeff is calling the cement company to see if we can get the driveway, sidewalk apron poured for best price. Also will need to see if we can pour cements for patio in the back as well as sides! Cheaper this way.
Costs Per Sq-ft (minimum)
Here is the rough cost estimate per sq-ft.
  • Deck, $9
  • Fence, $20
  • Screened porch, $25
  • Room addition, $50

5501 36th

Here are list of things to do for the new house.
  • Measure the opening for the attic ladder. For 54" length, there are two types 22.5" & 25" width. Also measure the ceiling height, and the clearance.
Ended up did not order at Ace but bought the ladder at Lowes and delivered to Jeff on 8/17
  • Contact Robinson ( ) to secure the appliances. Latest quote.Here is the revised proposal
    • Range & Dishwasher delivered 9/15
    • Picked up 48" hood 9/29
    • Fridge will be delay, back-order, until ???
  • Find a stainless steel 30" warming drawer
  • Go pick-up the oven & microwave from Alice McKenna, 301-706-0779. Done. Picked up on 8/5. The microwave is at home, the oven is at the new place
    • Need to install oven & microwave
    • Need to install hood
  • Find a deal for hardwood floor to cover 2000sq.ft
    • Living room, 202 sq-ft
    • Dining room, 233 sq-ft
    • Library, 234 sq-ft
    • Kitchen, 216 sq-ft
    • Family room, 361 sq-ft
    • Master bedroom. Need to measure
    • Bedroom 1, 2, 3. Need to measure.
  • Find a deal for granite/marble to cover the foyer
    • 110sq-ft area. Two sections, 8' x 9' landing area and 5'2" x 7'5" walk way toward the family room.
    • Ideal is to find a 36" granite/marble medallion or stone rug to make the foyer more elegant.
    • Go with square medallion, or rectangular stone rug, for it's easier to set & less cut than a round one.
    • Choose light color to keep the foyer bright
    • To keep the cost down, perhaps uses only three color granite/marble tiles: border (dark), field (light), and accent.
  • Find a deal for granite/marble/ceramic/porcelain to cover morning room
    • 220sq-ft, 10' x 21'4.5".

  • Find a deal for ceramics to cover the laundry room
    • 70sq-ft
    • Best to use 12" x 12" ceramic floor tiles, or even
  • Go pickup server cabinets,, have $125.
    The seller changed his mind & no more budget for this
  • Order the battery operated sump-pump, for backup.
  • Find a deal for granite counter tops. Send out the dimensions for quotes.
  • Design the pergolas for sides & back
  • Design the deck/porch for the back
  • Find columns deals for pergolas & gazebo

3701 Albemarle

Here are list of things to do for the old house
  • Measure each room/area and identify what need to be done
  • Clear out back porch - family. Almost done, only few items to put away.
  • Clear out basement & bedroom - family
  • Yard works, cut down trees, shrubs & clear area for future projects - family
  • Measure the side lawn, height differences to design the retaining walls
  • Fix walkway
  • Cut down trees in the front/corner
  • Patch & paint walls
  • Find painter to paint outside
  • Cut & install toe kicks for kitchen
  • Cut & install 1/4-round for kitchen
  • Vacuum under dishwasher & install toe kick panel
  • Paper filing in basement - Huong
  • Clean desk in study room and in basement - Huong
  • Clean Thuy & Huan's room - Huong, Thuy & Huan
  • Clean library - Huong & Huan
  • Clean Huan's books - Huong & Huan
  • Replace Andersen window frame in living room
  • Clear mold in bedroom downstairs
  • Fix rotten wood panes (from termites) in basement
  • Find a cheap, right size marble/granite slab for the foyer

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