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Washer machine, again!

posted Jun 18, 2016, 12:32 PM by Quoc-Anh Vuong   [ updated Jun 18, 2016, 12:38 PM ]
Washer Machine Lid Switch
It's Saturday afternoon, and the washer machine did not drain! So, after Thuy. & I removed all the wet clothes, using small buckets to empty out all the water, we opened up the machine. We removed the drain hoses & inspected the pump, we found nothing wrong! The hoses are clear, and we even tested the pump. When we about to put everything back, we also notice the lid switch, and turned out attention to it. That's the culprit! The lid switch busted open, and because of that, the SPIN cycle did not get trigger, thus did not turn on the pump.

Oh well, took us about 1/2 hour to put everything back together, and made a "jump" to bypass the lid switch, then the washer machine is back in operation.

Here is the replacement switch.

Whirlpool 3949238 Washer Lid Switch Replacement, we bought it at Speedy Appliance Parts

To remove the Whirlpool Series 80 washer machine:
  1. Remove two plastic end caps, just pop it out with a small flat tip
  2. Remove two Phillip head machine screws
  3. Tilt the control panel up & back, this exposes the two metal spring clips which hold the shell to the back panel
  4. Remove the spring clips by using a big flat tip insert into the spring's J end, and pry outward
  5. Open the lid, hold the underside and lift the cabinet shell up & back

Notes: when putting the shell back, make sure the side edges are under the black metal base.