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Yet another busy weekend

posted Oct 12, 2009, 10:02 AM by Quoc-Anh Vuong   [ updated Feb 22, 2010, 9:38 AM ]

Photo assignment

It took us about twenty minute drive to the Fire Station Open House in Great Falls. Again, Thuỵ was with me to make the photo assignment less boring and possible. He provides the companion, the voice activated light stand, the children tracker, and also my spelling checker. You see, the task is not only taking the pictures, but also to take down the subject's names, ranking, ages, number of years live in the area, and ... whatever the subject said to you. For me, I am a very slow note taker, and worse  with names; so Thuỵ is the one to fill my shortcomings, and make them all right.

We arrived about 11:30pm and the station was already full of people. Outside, kids were having fun put out the prop fire, with the help of a real firefighter, of course. Inside, people and children were surrounding the Chief, who was leading a group of volunteers demonstrating the techniques of helping another volunteer, playing as an injured person. Then came the activity in the smoked room, a prop fire engine along with real rescuing vehicles; children were having a blast; and so were we.

Within an hour, we shot around 40 pictures, and believe that we had enough for the Sun Gazette. Before leaving the place, we each had a hot dog, compliment from the Great Falls Fire Department, and picked up freebies: a refrigerator magnet and an oven mitten. Wonderful time & trip.

Sun Gazette used the above picture as the cover page of the newspaper that week. Love it!

Political Dinner

The governor race is drawing close, and the Republican candidate McDonnell is leading ~ 9 point. We were invited to a Republican dinner party in the area, but political was not the sole reason for our participation. We heard that the host has a really beautiful home, and we just want to check it out. Not too much of comparing, but hope that we can pickup some good ideas on landscaping as well as decoration tips & tricks.

We got there around 7PM and the party was in full swing. We were greeted not by one but many, whom I also don't even recognize, but they were all nice, cheerful and friendly. Took our turn at the food table, we went outside. The backyard was huge! With swimming pool and raised gazebo. The backyard is surrounded by rows of old 100' tall trees, creating a private & secluded environment even for a gigantic space. At the speech time, there must have been around 80 people inside the mansion, people were standing, listen to the speakers and as I glance around there are still room at other rooms.

We left early, hurried back to Thuỵ & Huân at home because Bảo went out with his friend that night.