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posted Aug 3, 2010, 9:35 AM by Quoc-Anh Vuong   [ updated Aug 3, 2010, 2:30 PM ]
What do you have after a trip, a vacation or just an outing? Other than memories, you probably have tickets or passes. For me, I like to keep those tickets, they bring back memories, invoke feelings and also retains information which I may forget. Most of passes and tickets have printed information like dates and places. Some tickets have beautiful designs and wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Here are few of them which Bảo had scanned in last week. We probably will update this page whenever we have new one scanned
This is the pass for the attractions at Niagara Falls, on the Canada side. One who wear this pass can access to all attractions, and can even jump ahead of the line because it has "Priority Access". I don't remember how we got that priority access privileges, and I did not remember whether we had any special treatments.

I still recall the cool water mists when we were on the boat, approaching near the falls. We still have the rain coats, in the back of van, just in case.

People Mover pass is for both the bus which shuttle people around attractions, and the open cable carts, pulling people up & down a very steep & high hill at Niagara Falls. It has two carts to balance the load, one to lower people to the falls level, while pulling the other up the hill. On top of the hills are restaurants and shops, and it's the best way to go up the hill. Don't forget to sit at the front row to have an unobstructed view to the falls, best seat to take pictures. The bus is very nice, with lot of glass window and has a low level seat, allowing you to view the street scene up close. Make sure you sit in front seat section of the bus, you will get that scary feeling when the bus closing up to the next bus in front, or just see the traffic so close to you when the bus moving.

We also smuggled back few fruits, Măng Cụt & Chôm Chôm. At the border, Bảo, Thuỵ & Huân were sleeping, and the bag is right at their feet. I was afraid of the guard may ask us to step out to search the van, but he did not and it was such a big relief when he motioned us to move along. 

It's a fun family trip, and I really don't mind to do it again.

During the Spring Break of 2009, we visited Key West, and climbed up the light house. The view is just spectacular. You can walk complete 360 degree around the top of the light house to see the whole island. Oh yes, Hemingway House is just a block away from this light house, you can see into his backyard!

Since the light house is very tall, and the circular iron stairs are very narrow, so able to reach the top is ... pretty big deal. All visitors are rewarded the sticker on the way down.

Outside the light house is a beautiful garden, with benches. On a nice day, which is almost year round, you can just sit on the bench and enjoy the sun & weather.

The whole family, except me, went to this show. It's at J.F. Kennedy Center, and reported that the show is great! Now I feel so ... absurd for missing such an opportunity. Bảo & Thuỵ said that the Drums performance is great, and even Huân stayed for the whole show duration and did not get bored.

I've never been to J.F. Kennedy Center before, and don't know if I ever will see the show next time; but one thing for sure, I'll not miss the next opportunity.

Bảo & Thuỵ went to this concert, performing musics of a popular adventure game. Wolf Trap is a musical venue, with area that you can bring in picnic basket and sit on the field to enjoy the performance. One of these days, I wish that I have a chance to attend. Perhaps when Pink Floyd going to tour there or probably when our schedule is less hectic. An evening of sipping wine, munching on french breads & cheese, while listening to a 1812 overture under the stars sounds wonderful to me.

Spring 2009, we went to Disney World. Taking advantage of the time-share vacation home. One thing to describe: expensive! Our lodge is about 15min from the Disney World, which is not bad at all, and probably allows us to enjoy the attraction better, since we able to save money on lodging. The attractions are great, but like most theme parks, the food is such a ... rip off. Even the restaurants in the Disney World compound are very expensive, to dine there you better leave your arm & leg. Especially, kids don't eat that much and they would prefer pizza over $35 Steak Au Poivre; so why do they price the meal so high is beyond me.
This is Bảo's movie ticket, an outing with his friends during the Summer of 2010. He probably has something to say about this experience, so I will reserved some space here.

During the 2008 Summer trip to South Carolina beach, we visited Ripley's Aquarium. Where we can walk under alleys and tunnels inside a huge aquarium. Most amazing view of big fish up close. I think next time if we want to go to similar attractions, we may want to take advantage of the coupons & discounts. Sure, the aquarium is great, and the view is great, but ... spending more than $20 for an hour is a bit high. OK, I am cheap. :)