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Corn Maze

posted Oct 27, 2009, 6:49 AM by Quoc-Anh Vuong   [ updated Oct 28, 2009, 1:25 PM ]
We had Michelle & her friend, Caspar, visited us last weekend. On Sunday, we all went to Cows & Corn (Udderly Amazing Field Trip), a dairy farm to check out their Corn Maze which I always wanted to try.
The corn maze is a big few acres field, with crop tractor they cut paths into the corn field, creating a maze. Since the corn plants are pretty high and planted close together, it's a tricky maze to navigate. We arrived in the afternoon and the maze was the first activity we explored. It was the last week of the season, before they harvest the corns & clear the field for the next planting season so majority of the corns were old & brown in color.

We split into three teams: Bảo & Thuỵ, Michelle & Caspar, and then I, Hương & Huân; we all went into the maze with different starting route. Our route turned out to be a loop so we had to came out & went into another path. There are shorter corn plants at part of the maze, where we can see other teams running around, chasing each others and had good time. Michelle & Caspar, each found the hidden pumpkins in the maze. After the corn maze we checked out the home-made ice creams, which were not bad at all; creamy, fresh, and bold tasty fruits.

I took Huân to check out Model, the name of the cow, she's pregnant and will deliver next month so she was just lying there did not care much of our petting. There were water pumps, rolling tubes, prop tractor and train for kids (as well as adults) to play. The hay ride took us around the farm, explaining the daily activities and the cows.
This farm went high tech, and they attached each cow with an wireless ankle bracelet to monitor the exercise routine, as well as other behavior. For example, if a cow is lying down too much, then the computer monitoring system will highlight the identification number, so that the caretaker to pay her a visit. Jersey cows are in brown color. Holsteins are just black & white, and of course no two cows have the same black & white pattern.
After the ride, we all attend the session to make butter. I thought we are going to see the real raw milk, you know, the real thing, but it was just using the suppermarket cream in the carton container. We took turn swirling the cream and voilà: butter. The lady then passed out crackers for us to try with the butter. It tasted pretty good. Now I know how to make butter, just from the heavy cream from the market.

We left the farm around 6pm, and headed out for dinner. Michelle wanted to try Louisiana crayfish, and we found a restaurant catering this near our place. Lo & behold, it turned out to be a Vietnamese restaurant, right inside Eden Center. So, that gave us a reason to walk to other stores after dinner and sampled Chè.

It was a weekend well spent, and I think we should try the corn maze again next time, at the beginning of the season, when the corn plants are green, higher & thicker ... more challenging. Perhaps, we should do the maze at night, under a full moon next time. :)

Cows & Corn