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Car in front yard

posted Aug 24, 2010, 9:17 AM by Quoc-Anh Vuong
About 4:30am this morning, I was woke up by a loud, house shaking, crashing noise. At first, I thought that something fell in Huan's bedroom so I jumped out of bed & ran to Huan bedroom asking if everyone is ok. Huong said that sounded like an accident outside. I went to the window, and noticed a red sedan car is in our front yard! It crashed through the front Juniper hedges, and landed at the Japanese Maple, about 5' in front of the basement bedroom window. I told Huong to call the police emergency, and I walked out with a flash light. Approaching the car, I noticed the rear window glass was shattered, both front air bags were deployed, but I did not see the driver. Getting closer I notice a young man half way in the back seat. His body is in the back seat, but the legs were stuck between the door & front seat. "Are you ok?", I called out. "I am ok. I am fine", he responded, and lifting his head & looking at me. I told him to stay put, because I don't want him to move which may cause additional injury if the legs were stuck. I told him the help is on the way. About 5 min later, 2 squad cars arrived, and 3 minute after the fire truck, medic, and additional emergency trucks arrived. The whole front yard was lit up by emergency cars. After about an hour, they removed the passenger door, and place the young driver on the stretcher & took him a way. The police man took my statement, which was not much, because I was sleeping & did not see anything before the accident. The tow truck arrived, and an hour later able to pull the wrecked car out of yard, through the same way which it came. There are much debris in the front yard, and our twisted ladders. Well the ladders were there because Thuy. & I were fixing the gutter yesterday morning, and we were planning to continue working on it today. I guess, we don't have to, now.

From the police we learned that the young driver, 22 yrs old, was intoxicated, and trying to make the left turn, but instead plowed into our yard. Lucky that he's ok, and the yard has lot of trees to lessen the impact as well as stopping it from hitting the house. "According to the skid marks on the road, he has be driven at 60mph or more", the police said.

Well, that the commotion of this early Sunday morning, and I could not go back to sleep.