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A Sunny Day In Autumn

posted Oct 4, 2010, 11:08 AM by Quoc-Anh Vuong   [ updated Oct 4, 2010, 11:10 AM ]
In Virginia this time of year, it's beginning of Autumn. The leaves are turning into the Sun infused vibrant spectrum of colors: orange and red. Coming with Autumn is the rain. Last week, it begun to rain since Wednesday, and dragged its feet all the way through Friday. However, the wet & gray sky did not damping the excitements for our weekend trip: the Parents Weekend at NCSU, to encourage parents to come & visit their sons & daughters for a weekend. We started to pack since Thursday night, and we planned of things to do. We also searched for restaurants in the area, for our lunch & dinner.

Saturday, we woke up at the time of a week-day: Huong at 5:40am, mine at 6:30am, and then Thuỵ & Huân's at 7:00am. We went through the final phase of packing of stuffs, to bring down for Bảo. The used keyboard we bought last month, some old casual clothes, sandals... Not much at all. The whole family stuffs fit nicely into one small carry-on; but we also have other electronic "essentials" taking up total of three laptop back-packs, one lap-top briefcase, and two small packs. We loaded up the "moving-family-room" van, and rolled off the drive way around 8am. A short stop at McDonald to fuel up our stomachs, and we headed off to the wide open road of Saturday early morning. The GPS said that we should arrived at 12:30pm.

We got in a bit early, at 12pm due to my anxious of getting there. It was a busy weekend, the hotel did not have our room ready until couple hours later; so we decided to go for lunch first. We brought the stuffs up to Bảo small dormitory, helped set up the keyboard, put the clothes away. We could not help noticed that the musty odor at the sink area, and the room became smaller due to clothes, books, and materials are on the floor: a typical dormitory environment, an unorganized, clutter, health hazard environment. However, it took me 20 years to recognize one; because I believe my dormitory would looked like that back then!

Up the street, there is a small burger join with a long order line & grill smoke filled the air; yes that wonderful aromatic grill beef burger smoke, and we know that we have to stop. The price is much better than any of chained burger places, the fare are plentiful, and very tasty. Weather was just perfect so we have a little picnic lunch at the table outside. After that, we checked in the hotel, and for Bảo & Thuỵ to work on their homework for couple hours. The football game, NCSU vs. Virginia Tech was on, Bảo & his friends at VT would take turn, texting each others whenever the home-team scored. While everyone is busy, I was quietly looking around and noticing our family, together we all fit in that small hotel room nicely; who would need a bigger space to feel comfortable? At that moment, I realized the feeling which I have been longing for weeks, it's happening, unfolding right in front of me. I just want the time to slowdown, so that I can enjoy that feeling of closeness, of family together, of laughing, and enjoying each others company: the moment of being together.

It turned out that Bảo & his friends group, Wolfgang-A-Capella,  was hired by a nearby hotel, to perform at the Sunday brunch. Bảo had wear out his shoes, and also needs a shirt for his performing, so we headed to the near by shopping center. Shopping done, we looked for a place for our dinner. We let Bảo pick, and he wanted Chinese, pan fried noodles to be exact. I guess Chinese food was not serve at the campus. Around 8:30pm, we ended up at a place called Super Wok. It turned out that this place serves authentic Szechuan Cuisine, and we are quite impressed with the taste; spicy and authentic. I just now found out that Super Wok got quite a rave in Chowhound as well [ http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/653373 ]. After diner, we took Bảo to his dorm, and headed back to our hotel.

Sunday, taking advantage of the hotel courtesy, we had our breakfast there before heading out to pick up Bảo. We took Bảo to Holiday Inn Brownstone, the place where he & his friends were going to perform. The Wolf-pack A Capella took the stage, all dressed in black with a red tie for color. In half an hour, the group performed about 6 numbers to a crowd of 150-200 Sunday brunch goers. Two of my favorites are Let's Get It Started and Under The Sea. Thuỵ used the small digital camcorder to record the whole show.

We hugged Bảo farewell, and begun our journey home. On the way home, it started to rain again; but I had no complain for two reasons: first, it was sunny & cool while we were there with Bảo, and secondly we are going to be together soon, because Bảo is going to finish his mid term and will take the train home on Thursday! :) I am now looking forward to Thursday, the weekend starts early!